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Brand your car with Car Magnets and turn heads wherever you go!

Do you want to brand your car but you’re worried about the long term damage on your vehicle’s paint? Are you looking change the messages displayed on your vehicle often and you don’t know how to do this easily and efficiently without having to involve specialists to do it for you? Do you want your vehicle to be turned into a professional and extremely helpful promotional instrument for your business? The answer is very simple: choose Car Magnets!

The Car Magnet trend has really made an impression on many businesses that have decided to give up the classical vehicle stickers and choose to use an ingenious, fun way to promote themselves.

It comes with many advantages and are designed by Sign King at an affordable price point. As effective vehicle signage, Car Magnets are remarkable due to their durability and efficiency. They are very easy to use – as easy as the magnets you bring from different corners of the world to place on your refrigerator, and as easy to remove and store.

car magnets

Business Car Magnets

With just one well-thought out and designed Car Magnet your car turns into a mobile ad for your company! Our team offers creatively designed magnet for cars, so your business can benefit from a moving professional promotional tool.

It can go almost anywhere on your car, so all you need is imagination to find the best places for them! We can help you with the design, colours and font for your Car Magnets, so your only task will be to find the best place for it on your car.

Of course, depending on where you want to place it, we can deliver it to suit. We can help you with ideas and tell you about our past experiences with designing and fabricating Car Magnets. We can also provide a magnetic care kit so you can enjoy an impeccable Car Magnet for a long time!

Car Magnet in Sydney

Choose to brand your car with Car Magnets and you can change them as you please! If you want to go incognito later, you can just unbrand your car by removing the Car Magnets! It’s that easy to have a flexible promotional instrument!

All you need to make a Car Magnet stick to your car is a reasonably flat steel surface! That’s it! You’re ready to turn your car in a mobile advertisement and let the world know you’re in business! Your Magnet will follow everywhere and face any weather! If you are looking for vinyl lettering, you can check out the links here.


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