Sales Signs

Sales Signs

Sales Signs

Tempt buyers with your irresistible offer and our awesome Sales Signs!

We all know that the one thing all businesses have in common is the ardent to increase their sales and draw in as many customers as possible! You know that too, and so do your customers! Customers know you need them and that’s why you should surprise them regularly with creative promotional tools and offers!

The most traditional of all, unbeatable in the advertising field, is undoubtedly the Sales Sign! No one can resist a Sales Sign unless it lacks quality and consistency! A Sales Sign requires you to come up with only a few words to draw in visitors, while your offer turns them into customers! So, it needs to reflect your business’s personality, professionalism and uniqueness.

Vehicle Signage Sydney

We offer an impressive variety of Sales Signs, so you will certainly have a good range to choose from. Our signs vary in size, colour, type and even fabric, because they are customised according to each customer’s preferences and needs.

Our team will make sure your sign won’t go unnoticed! We deliver Sales Signs for various businesses, from car dealers and real estate agents, to local restaurants, clothing boutiques and souvenir stores.

Basically, every business that has something to sell will make use at some point of Sales Signs, so why shouldn’t you choose the best sale sign creators in the field? Choosing to work with Sign King is a decision that guarantees high quality Sales Signs, created with attention to every detail and by a team of passionate designers.

We’ve worked in this business for more than 15 years, so we have extensive experience in manufacturing Sales Signs and we’ll make sure your Sales Sign stands out in a crowd!

Success usually comes as a result of teamwork, and we can be a reliable, professional and innovative member of your team! Place your Sales Signs in our talented and experienced hands and receive an impeccable, inexpensive and customised Sales Sign to boost your profit!

Call us today to order sale signs that will capture your customer’s attention and trigger them to take action!
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LED Signs

Light your way to success with LED Signs and people will come to you!

Whether you’re searching for a dynamic, mind blowing advertising tool or you want to keep your community informed with regard to issues such as gas price, weather, time and so on, an LED sign is the only sign that can help you accomplish your goal!

LED Signs have the power to focus the entire attention of people passing by to them and, implicitly, to your business or the matter that you want to make public. Our LED Signs have features that allow them to display millions of colours with the highest resolution possible.

We can make LED Signs for outdoor and indoor spaces, and we offer a variety of designs and features. Our LED Signs are available with graphic and animation features, but we can also create LED Signs that include only text! We can program the animation, video or message on any LED sign to make sure you can promote your products and services in an original way to customers who pass by daily.

Sign King LED Signs are remarkable due to the originality of their designs and clarity of their colours, but also because they use energy-efficient technology. Our LED Signs are easy to maintain and the diodes used guarantee at least 100,000 hours of impeccable functionality.

Each LED sign is equipped with a software that allows our customers to change their message every day, if that’s what they wish to do. Setting up the messages is a quick and very easy to do task, so anyone can manage an LED sign.

The resolutions of our LED Signs vary from standard to high resolution, depending on the budget you want to allocate to your sign. You can choose from monochrome or full colour LED Signs, another feature that usually depends on the type of business you run and the budget you’re willing to spend to promote it. Our LED Signs can be controlled either by computer or a remote controller.

LED Signs are more and more popular among customers who choose them over neon and internally illuminated logos and letters due to their low operating costs.

If you want to improve your business’s image and capture the attention of people passing by, your best choice is to order an LED sign and add some colour and personality to your business.

Contact us today to find out more about LED Signs and tell us how you want your LED sign to look like! We can help you with ideas and tips, so your business can enjoy a remarkable LED sign!
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Pull Up Banners Sydney

Pull Up Banners Sydney

Pull Up Banners Sydney

Deliver your message to the world in just a few seconds!

Are you preparing for a conference, seminar, trade fair or other type of event? Do you need an indoor or outdoor banner to accompany your business during presentations? Are you looking for a banner that can be easily set up and taken down? Then Sign King Pull Up Banners are exactly what you need!

Sign King Pull Up Banners are an ingenious way to assure the promotion of your business and delivery of your message with a simple pull up move! Eye-catching and inexpensive, Pull Up Banner can be used almost everywhere and especially where permanent signs are impossible to set up.

Pull Up Banner for Business

Pull Up Banner is ideal for customers who are seeking a creative and efficient way to make their message known to passersby without investing too much time in set up. This type of banner can be set up and take down in less than 30 seconds which makes it ideal for those who need to move their banner often.

Sign King Pull Up Banners are as effective as any other type of banner and guarantee the successful accomplishment of their mission: sending your message to the world and making you business or event known to the audience.

We deliver high quality banners manufactured from resistant fabrics. Our Pull Up Banners stand out due to their durability and quality.

Pull Up Banners are a great idea for both indoor and outdoor spaces, and they can be used for various events, fairs, trade shows and business meetings. We offer a wide variety of designs and we are always open to our customers’ suggestions.

Pull Up Banner Design and Print

Each pull up banner is delivered with its own bag to make it easier to transport, and we can also provide spotlights, at request.

Due to their effectiveness and low cost, Sign King Pull Up Banners are among our most popular products and we are certain they always do their job exactly as you need them too.

We can provide design services for your pull up banner or print your creation! You choose what your banner should look like! Our team guarantees attention to every detail, fast delivery and resistant products! Because every business is different, but they all need high quality promotional instruments, and our Pull Up Banners always raise to the challenge.

With 15 years of experience in the field, our team can assure you of the premium pull up banners your business needs to stand out in a crowd and draw the attention of your target audience! (We are based in Sydney, Australia)

Call us today to find out more about Pull Up Banners and their advantages! Both design & printing services.
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Corflute Signs Sydney

Corflute Signs Sydney

Corflute Signs Sydney

So light that you can carry it everywhere! So inexpensive that you can change it every week!

Corflute Signs are the best friend of any campaign! They come with so many advantages that it’s impossible to refuse their presence.

Ideal for real estate and construction industries, but not limited to these categories, Corflute Signs are that extra hand you need to promote your business ad-hoc, so that it can deliver your message fast and easy and make it visible to your audience.

signs sydney

Corflute Signs also are very helpful for political campaigns, fairs and trade shows, exhibitions and fairs, and let’s not forget about the classical, legendary “for sale” sign! These signs are the go-to promotional tools whenever you need your message to be read at a glance.

They make the best temporary signs for both indoor and outdoor spaces, being light but sturdy, and fearless when it comes to bad weather. Made from high quality plastic, Corflute Signs are inexpensive and the best choice when you need to order a number of promotional tools.

Our team can deliver a customised design service or you can come up with your own ideas! Either way we will use full colour high resolution digital printers to bring your message to life and deliver it to your audience.

Corflute Signs are also easy to cut to size, so you can adapt them to any space without any effort. They are the best solution for temporary use and the promotional tool you can rely on in any situation, regardless of your budget. Short-term advertising is all about Corflute Signs designed to promote a business with minimum financial outlay!

Sign King Corflute Signs are available in different sizes and levels of thickness. We guarantee high quality printing due to our modern digital technology which delivers outstanding high resolution colours and guarantees memorable images.

Due to our vast experience in the field, we can help you choose the design and give you ideas about your message too. You just need to give us a call or to send us a message!

It’s interesting to know that Corflute Signs are also known as printed trade signs, screenprinted corflute and building signs. So, whenever you need one of these, you can depend on Sign King to successfully deliver them.

Corflute Signs are here to make your life easier while promoting your business, candidate or event without compromising your budget.

Let Corflute Signs help! Contact us and order now the Corflute Signs that will make a big difference for your campaign and business for less money than you think!
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School Signs

School Signs

School Signs Sydney

Define your community presence with a memorable School Sign!

School Signs have been used since forever to send messages to students, teachers, parents and the rest of the community. They will never go out of fashion and will always be there to help schools communicate with their audience in a way that is concise and friendly as well as easy to understand and remember.

Sign King has designed in School Signs for more than 15 years now, so we are the experts you have been searching for to design and manufacture your School Sign. Our School Signs enjoy beautiful and attention-grabbing designs, so you can rely on them to spread your message to your audience and passersby.

Our schools signs usually include the school’s logo, crests. Eye-catching due to their contemporary design, our School Signs are easy to notice and read.

Holy Family 3D Lettering

We have worked with various educational institutions, from primary schools to colleges and universities, so we know exactly how to adapt the design of your School Signs to meet your requirements and become an essential means of communication with the community.

Our team is proud to have delivered the best solution for each location, and we are eager to help you with the design of your School Signs by providing qualified advice regarding the size, material and installation spot for them.

Sign King provides a variety of School Signs to meet every preference and budget: identification signs, changeable letter signs, masonry-style signs, as well as LED Signs. The colours, fonts, sizes and shapes are all up to you! If you need inspiration, we will show you a range of examples so you will definitely find what you are looking for.

Your School Sign can easily become your PR representative or business card to passersby, so let’s make it memorable! Choose to work with Sign King and send your message to the community in a stylish, contemporary and eye-catching way.

Order your School Sign today and receive a quote fast and free! We are open to all your ideas and ready to visit you for an onsite inspection to make sure you receive the best recommendations for the design of your School Sign.

Remember! Your School Sign helps you define your community presence, whether we’re talking about messages delivered to the academic community, parents or passersby! Choose a School Sign that represents your school’s profile and personality! Choose to call us today!

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Construction Signs

Construction Signs

Construction Signs Sydney

Let people know you’re building stuff with an eye-catching Construction Sign!

Sign King specialises in designing Construction Signs of different sizes and shapes, as well as personalised signs according to customer request. We create signs to announce the presence of construction sites, signs that focus on signalling certain hazards related to specific areas and signs that spell out the “Dos” and “Don’ts” related to construction sites.

Basically, we provide any sign you need for your construction site, and we make sure it is clear and easy to spot by any passer-by. After all, a construction site sign has as final goal keeping people safe and informed regarding the activity that takes place near them.

That’s why we design easy to read and understand signs, and we make sure we print them on durable plastic or metal that will not be affected by rain, wind or UV rays. We provide unbreakable Construction Signs that will stand by your construction site as long as you need them to!

construction signs

Our team prints the design directly onto the Sign to achieve a flawless result. Most Construction Signs focus on highlighting certain safety issues, such as the need to keep passersby away from a certain area, the need to wear hard hat and/or high visibility vest by constructors and visitors on site, or that entering a certain area is limited exclusively to authorised personnel.

We have experience with creating all these types of construction sites and more, and we also offer customised Construction Signs if you need to send your own message regarding the site. Our team can easily provide different models for your own Construction Signs, but we can also innovate according to your colour, size and font preferences.

The key to a great Construction Sign is to make it easy to spot and understand, so that your message can be clear to anyone who sees it. You need bold and big letters, as well as strong colours such as red, blue or black, or, of course, a combination of these colours.

We can also personalise your Construction Sign by adding images and your logo. This way, the sign will make a stand about your professionalism.

Contact Sign King now to order the Construction Sign you need to protect your company, the people who work for you and passersby! A Construction Sign well done saves lives!
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Car Magnets

Car Magnets

Car Magnets

Brand your car with cool Car Magnets and turn heads wherever you go!

Do you want to brand your car but you’re worried about the long term damage on your vehicle’s paint? Do you need to change the messages displayed on your vehicle often and you don’t know how to do this easily and efficiently without having to involve specialists to do it for you? Do you want your vehicle to be turned into a professional and extremely helpful promotional instrument for your business? The answer is very simple: choose Car Magnets!

The Car Magnet trend has really made an impression on many businesses that have decided to give up the classical vehicle stickers and choose to use an ingenious, fun way to promote themselves.

It comes with many advantages and are designed by Sign King at an affordable price point. As effective vehicle signage, Car Magnets are remarkable due to their durability and efficiency. They are very easy to use – as easy as the magnets you bring from different corners of the world to place on your refrigerator, and as easy to remove and store.

car magnets

Business Car Magnets

With just one well-thought out and designed Car Magnet your car turns into a mobile ad for your company! Our team offers creatively designed magnet for cars, so your business can benefit from a moving professional promotional tool.

It can go almost anywhere on your car, so all you need is imagination to find the best places for them! We can help you with the design, colours and font for your Car Magnets, so your only task will be to find the best place for it on your car.

Of course, depending on where you want to place it, we can deliver it to suit. We can help you with ideas and tell you about our past experiences with designing and fabricating Car Magnets. We can also provide a magnetic care kit so you can enjoy an impeccable Car Magnet for a long time!

Car Magnet in Sydney

Choose to brand your car with Car Magnets and you can change them as you please! If you want to go incognito later, you can just unbrand your car by removing the Car Magnets! It’s that easy to have a flexible promotional instrument!

All you need to make a Car Magnet stick to your car is a reasonably flat steel surface! That’s it! You’re ready to turn your car in a mobile advertisement and let the world know you’re in business! Your Magnet will follow everywhere and face any weather! If you are looking for vinyl lettering, you can check out the links here.


Contact Sign King today to get the most inexpensive mobile ad on the market!
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Display Signs

Display Signs

Display Signs

Stand out and create a great impression at your next conference or presentation using one of our selections of exhibition displays. Sizes vary to suit your needs from 2.3M x 6M or more.

Rollaways – Our rollaway are 850, 1M, 1.2M wide x 2 M high printed at 720 dpi and matte laminated.

Does your company regularly take part in trade shows? Or does your school or organisation have an annual event coming up that needs display signs? Whatever your needs are, no matter how big or small, SignKing is here to meet them.

Display signs can serve many purposes, including building awareness at trade shows, museums, lobbies, conferences, and more! We provide many solutions, each of which is customised just for you. From kiosks to tabletop displays to banner stands, you can turn to our 15 years of experience for it all.

display signs Sydney

Display Signs

Banner Stands

The most affordable and simplest way to display your brand at meetings, conferences, and trade shows, banner stands are a type of display signs that come in many sizes with changeable panel inserts. You have total design freedom with this option.

Event and Counter Display Signs

Add branding and colourful graphics to your meeting or trade show exhibit. This is a great option when you want the maximum possible impact. SignKing can help by creating incredible custom graphics for podiums, counters, convertible shipping case displays, and more.

Custom Display Signs

Do you need something that’s truly unique to your industry? Our experts can tailor the material, size, shape, colours, and features to exactly what you need. If you need a truly unique display, we are the company to help with your custom solution.


When your goal is visual impact, cutouts are the right choice. They’re unique, they’re effective, and they come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. From freestanding to mounted cutouts, these display signs are sure to get you noticed.

Pop-up Displays

These displays are specifically for those who plan to get a lot of mileage out of their display signs. If you need displays to use over and over again, that will travel easily in a suitcase, then this is your top choice.

Display Signs

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